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Nine months after two men tried to set fire to a mosque in Gloucester, a new imam has promised to improve links with the local community.

Imam Hassan is among a growing number who were born in Britain, and teach Islam in the English language.


top Imaam, got to know him very well in the last 3/4 years as my local imaam, now has moved to do bigger things. إنشاالله things go well for him.

During the era of British colonialism a Briton in the subcontinent embraced Islam and right away began to keep a beard.

Some Muslims said to him, “It’s not Fardh (obligatory) to keep a beard in Islam. You don’t need to keep a beard!”

The new Muslim said, “What is obligatory and what is not, is not relevant to me. All I know is that our Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) commanded us to grow our beards and when I have accepted his authority and submitted to his obedience I am obliged to obey him. It is not for a subordinate to sort his senior officer’s commands into ‘worthy-of-obedience’ and ‘not-worthy-of-obedience’.”

#Beardgang #islam

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