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Eid Mubarak to you all. May Allah help the muslims in Gaza and everywhere else. Give us the tawfeeq to be present in many months of Ramadan to come. Give us the ability to strengthen our imaan, perform our prescribed ibadah and gain your pleasure. Give us all hayaatun tayyibah.forgive those that have left this world and grant them high abodes in jannah, give shifa to those that are ill. Protect us from the fitnah and that fitnah of the masseeh ad dajjal. Allah you know what we want in out hearts and accept that too. Ya Allah grant us unity and Protect us from the fire, grant us all death upon Imaan. Aameen


📇 On SATURDAY (26/07)/SUNDAY (27/07) everyone boycott:

❌ Tesco
❌ Sainsburys
❌ Asda

and see what a difference it makes by hurting their sales 📉

They know everyone will want to do 🎉Eid shopping 🎉 but lets not give them the satisfaction!
Let there Ramadan stock stay sitting on the shelves.

See below why:

⛔Tesco: Israeli products

⛔ Sainsburys: Israeli products

⛔Asda: refusing entry to people wearing “Free Palestine” shirts.

Instead shop at:

✅ Co-op
✅ Morrisons

👍 Co-op & Morrisons seem to be the only supermarkets to stop trade with Israel/not stock Israeli products

📮 Please forward/post on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

May Allaah reward us all for our small efforts to help our suffering & oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine

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