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📇 On SATURDAY (26/07)/SUNDAY (27/07) everyone boycott:

❌ Tesco
❌ Sainsburys
❌ Asda

and see what a difference it makes by hurting their sales 📉

They know everyone will want to do 🎉Eid shopping 🎉 but lets not give them the satisfaction!
Let there Ramadan stock stay sitting on the shelves.

See below why:

⛔Tesco: Israeli products

⛔ Sainsburys: Israeli products

⛔Asda: refusing entry to people wearing “Free Palestine” shirts.

Instead shop at:

✅ Co-op
✅ Morrisons

👍 Co-op & Morrisons seem to be the only supermarkets to stop trade with Israel/not stock Israeli products

📮 Please forward/post on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

May Allaah reward us all for our small efforts to help our suffering & oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine

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